System Diagnostics $40
* Required on all system repairs
System Check-up $40-$80
Cure for a virus $40-$80
* Price can vary depending on condition of infection
Operating System Reinstall $40-$80
* Client must bring OS or restore CD(s) or a license fee may be charged
Custom Assembly $100 + Cost of parts
* Covers assembly and drivers, updates, and tweaks.
CD, DVD, CD-RW, Floppy Install, Zip, Hard Disk Install $40
* Additional cost of hardware
Modem, Video, and Other I/O Card Install $20
* Additional cost of hardware

Minimum $40 system diagnostics charge. We do not sell software. Prices subject to change without notification. Prices are standalone, actual bill may vary. Please bring computer in to shop and speak with a technician for ballpark estimate.

Prebuilt Systems
Complete systems including:
  • Computer
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Power Cables
Everything you need to get on the internet for a psych ward worthy price!

Custom Built Powerhouse
Our custom machines feature:

  • Industry Standard Components
  • Custom Specifications
  • Upgradability
  • Beautiful Cases!
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